David Wolfenden

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NRCPD registered

About David

Post Graduate qualification in 2001 with SLI in Newark.

Most experienced in the fields of Mental Health, Conference, Higher Education and medical appointments.

I am a Mentor and Trainer in addition to being a qualified Assessor (A1).

I facilitate Reflective Practice Groups throughout the UK and Supervise Trainee and Qualified Interpreter Practitioners in Groups and Individually.

Professionally qualified Supervisor.

Visit www.wolfendencommunication.com for further details.

Work Domains

  • Community
  • Conference
  • Court
  • Education
  • Employment
  • Festivals
  • Medical
  • Mental Health
  • Police
  • Political
  • Religion
  • Social Services
  • Solicitor
  • Television/Media
  • Theatre
  • Training Courses

Additional Skills

  • Assessor
  • ASLI Trained Mentor
  • International Sign
  • NRCPD Supervisor
  • Professional Supervisor