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I trained at the Centre for Deaf Studies, University of Bristol completing my Diploma in Deaf Studies in 1996. I qualified as a BSL/English Interpreter in 2002 via the PostGrad route and have experienced both higher education and NVQ qualifications. This was useful when I trained as an A1 assessor in 2010 and am interested in how qualifications and regulation methods are evolving - we are still such a new profession and yet in some ways, one of the oldest, and that presents some interesting challenges for us all.

I am an ASLI trained mentor and more recently qualified as a Supervisor in 2017 achieving a PostGraduate Certificate on a course affiliated to the University of Worcester. In addition I am a NRCPD supervisor for trainee interpreters.

I have experience working for agencies, having held two previous management positions. I am currently self-employed and this has enabled me to diversify more, balancing interpreting alongside supervision, training and assessing.

I have lived in Devon since 2010 and although my roots are firmly established here, I am still a London girl at heart, which is where I grew up and where I worked for 14 years as an interpreter before relocating to the South West.

I have experience interpreting in community settings and working with Deaf professionals, this covers a range of domains from legal to the GP and I consider myself to have range and depth of experience, especially in social care, mental health, police and office based work. I have presented and been published at national and international conferences and have a sense of curiosity that means I will attend events as much as possible and never stop learning. So I think of myself as a mixed bag - but that's what comes of getting older!

At the heart of what I do and believe, is a sense of social justice and equality. I strongly believe we need to work with both Deaf and hearing professionals to promote the rights of any individual and our ethical reasoning is key to the promotion of our profession. I am a proponent of the practice professional model and see that, along with continuous reflective practice, as central to our success.

Aside from that I live in glorious countryside with my fab hubby and cats - have found myself quite liking running as well as practicing yoga and love a good read in front of our wood burner. A nice glass of wine with friends goes down quite well too:)

Work Domains

  • Community
  • Conference
  • Education
  • Employment
  • Medical
  • Mental Health
  • Police
  • Political
  • Religion
  • Social Services
  • Solicitor
  • Training Courses

Additional Skills

  • Assessor
  • ASLI Trained Mentor
  • NRCPD Supervisor
  • Professional Supervisor
  • Visual Frame